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At Otix Technologies, we’re dedicated to providing the latest technology solutions tailored to your business needs. Specializing in AI & ML development, cloud computing, innovative education process and fintech consultancy.

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Realiability and Security is Our First Priority When It Comes to Building Powerful Tools

Innovative Solutions

Drive your business forward with our state-of-the-art IT services. From advanced AI & ML development to robust cloud solutions and expert fintech consultancy, Otix Technologies crafts bespoke technology strategies that are designed to meet and exceed your specific business requirements.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Otix Technologies is a trusted partner for top businesses across various industries. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions that make a significant difference, ensuring your business remains competitive and ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Scalable and Flexible

Our tailor-made solutions are designed to grow with your business, ensuring you always have access to the best and most relevant technology. Whether scaling up operations, increasing efficiency, or expanding into new markets, Otix is here to support every step of your journey.

Global Reach, Local Impact

With a presence in multiple countries, Otix Technologies expertly combines global insights with local expertise. We deliver high-impact solutions tailored to the unique needs of your market, ensuring that your business can perform optimally both locally and globally.

Our technology

Enjoy the Power of Latest Technologies

Leverage our expertise in cutting-edge technologies to power your business. We utilize advanced tools and platforms including PHP, JavaScript, Python, and key frameworks such as Laravel and FastAPI, along with leading machine learning applications like TensorFlow and OpenAI’s GPT models.

PHP & Laravel

PHP and Laravel Building robust applications with a focus on secure, scalable web architecture.

JavaScript and React: Creating interactive, responsive user interfaces that enhance user engagement.

Python and FastAPI

Python and FastAPI: Developing high-performance backend systems with modern, asynchronous frameworks.


TensorFlow: Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide predictive analytics and smart solutions.


GPT : Utilizing AI for natural language processing tasks to enhance business operations and customer interactions.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform: Ensuring scalable cloud infrastructure that supports all our technological deployments and innovations.

The Success Stories We Are Proud To Share

Read about our success stories and completed projects like the Lazmart, Bkingworld e-commerce system and AutoAttendance for blended learning environments. See how our tailored solutions have helped businesses achieve remarkable efficiency and growth.

our approach

An efficient way to innovation

At Otix Technologies, we follow a unique approach that blends innovation with efficiency. Learn how our methodical process ensures the delivery of high-quality, scalable, and flexible IT solutions that are not just solutions but transformative experiences.

Rapidly adapting to change with Agile.

Enhancing automation with seamless DevOps

Committing to process efficiency and software quality.

Designing systems with Scalable Architecture Design

Meet The Team

Welcome to Otix Technologies! My expertise in DevOps and software engineering helps streamline your operations by implementing efficient workflows and robust architecture. I'm committed to ensuring that your technological infrastructure is scalable, secure, and perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

Abir Hasan

DevOps & Software Engineer

Welcome to Otix Technologies! I founded this company with a vision to integrate cutting-edge technology seamlessly into businesses like yours. As a software engineer, I ensure that every solution we develop is robust and tailored to meet specific business challenges, empowering your growth with reliable and innovative technologies.

Md Abdul Munim

Proprietor & Software Engineer

Hi there! I specialize in crafting engaging and efficient web and mobile applications tailored to enhance user interaction and satisfaction. My focus is on creating solutions that not only look great but also function seamlessly across all platforms, driving better engagement and business success.

Minhajul Abedin

Web & Mobile Application Developer

Hello! At Otix, we harness the potential of AI and ML to transform how businesses operate. My role involves developing intelligent systems that not only automate processes but also provide strategic insights, helping you stay ahead in a competitive market. Trust us to bring the power of AI to your doorstep

Takrim Elahi Chy

AI & ML Engineer, Divi Corner

Greetings from Otix! As your operations manager, I ensure that our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality standards. My role is to oversee all operations, making sure that our clients receive the best possible service and support throughout our partnership.

Mohammed Chy

Operations Manager

Hello! As a UI/UX designer at Otix, I'm passionate about creating intuitive and visually appealing designs that enhance user experience. My approach is user-centered, focusing on crafting interfaces that are not only beautiful but also easy to navigate, ensuring that users have a positive interaction with our technologies.

Masum Faruqi

UI/UX Designer

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